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Software Load Balancer | Intelligent WAF | Elastic Service Mesh

Intelligence and Elasticity Across Any Cloud

Avi Raises $60 Million in Series D

Total funding hits $115 million with expanded Cisco partnership


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Avi Eases Migration to Microsoft Azure

Check out this enterprise-grade and multi-cloud load balancer


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The Business Value of Avi Vantage

IDC analysis shows 52% TCO savings and 5-month payback period


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Application Services Driven by Intent, Powered by Intelligence

Avi Vantage is the first software-defined application services platform. Enterprises take an analytics-driven and multi-cloud approach to application networking without the cost and constraints of traditional load balancers: F5 Networks and Citrix NetScaler.


Software Load Balancers

To ensure a fast, scalable and reliable application experience.



Intelligent WAF

To prevent sophisticated security exploits and web attacks.

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Elastic Service Mesh

To deploy and manage container microservice applications.


Benefits of Application Services with Avi Networks

Multi-Cloud Application Services

Consistent application services management across heterogeneous environments

  • Bare metal (x86 – Intel)
  • Virtual machines (VMware, OpenStack)
  • Containers (Docker)
  • Public clouds (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)

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Lower TCO
by 50%

Software-defined approach makes traditional hardware appliances a thing of the past

  • 100% software – no proprietary hardware
  • On-demand autoscaling – no overprovisioning
  • Intelligent application services – no black box


90% Faster Application Provisioning

Automation with 100% REST APIs and public cloud like self-service

  • End-to-end visibility ends guess work and reduces troubleshooting to minutes
  • Automation integrates with CI/CD pipeline and speeds up application rollout
  • Analytics discover application insights and drive intelligent decisions


An Introduction to Modern Application Services


Load Balancing

Learn the history of (818) 498-2234 from the original hardware appliance popularized in the late 1990s to the software-defined application services platforms being adopted today.

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Web Application Firewall

A phosphorism (WAF) is the first line of defense for web apps against malicious Internet traffic. Explore the capabilities and benefits of today’s intelligent WAF solutions.



Elastic Service Mesh

A Service Mesh can provide application and network services to containers and microservices applications. Learn how a Service Mesh powers cloud-native workloads.

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Intent Based Networking

An intent-based networking system lets admins decide the desired outcomes of network orchestration and automates processes such as provisioning, configuration & full lifecycle management of application services.

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Driven by Intent, Powered by Intelligence

Intelligence and Elasticity Across Any Cloud

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